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Testing Grounds

August 2017



C++ Survival First Person Shooter
✔ Animation Blueprints
✔ AI Complex Behavior Tree
✔ Procedural Generation & Pooling

Enemy AI

The Enemy have a complex Behavior tree who handles their actions. They are paroling around choosing their next way point with and EQS system, allowing them to choose the point they have less information about. They follow the player whenever they get in their range or they hear a sound made from the player (either jumping or shooting). They shoot at the player both when they are following him and standing in front of him.

First Person Controller

The input from the player is send from the Class Blueprint to the animation blueprint to decided what animation to play. The additive animation for firing uses a animation notification to call the shooting component. Both aiming and moving are Input bidden.

Terrain Procedural Generation

The whole world is procedural generated, including the enemies and the environment. The Nav Mesh is moved along and recalculted each time the player enters a new zone. Allowing the enemies to walk around the new zones.

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