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Space Chemistry

Octomber 2017 - January 2018


Gamelab Bucharest 2D Platformer physics based.
✔ Player Controller & Feedback
✔ Physics based Interactions
✔ Particule Effects


The guidance in our game with based on lights and small particle effects. We have a color code for lights: green representing the good around the level (ex: checkpoints), red representing dangerous things (ex: acid) and yellow for level guiding (those lights usually flicker to draw the player's attention even more). The particles show the path or important spots the player must reach.

Liquids Collisions

The core of our game are the particles, so we faced a lot of problems with them. We created an object pool for them to achieve a better performance and used shared materials as well. Each of the particles has a special behavior according to it's state (floating, solid or liquid). Each of them performing different actions such as scaling, floating or attracting other particles.

Scripted Events

To increase the player's engagement we added some events around the map with the help of trigger, including sounds effects, falling background object, screen shakes, asteroid hits, zoom outs for better perspective over the puzzle and many more.

Liquid Pools

Around the level the player can see different pools. Each of them having collision reaction, creating waves whenever an objects hits them. They also have an element reaction, simulating the object reaction with different substances around the level, creating interesting options for our players.

User Interface

The user interface is communicating constant with the player letting him now the current state of each container. It least the player know when he doesn't collect anything though sound and highlighting, when he successfully collects something with particles, when he is releasing substance and when he is mixing 2 substances together, as well as the current capacity and substance level for each container.

Player movement

We added some trailing particles for movement feedback and falling particles when the player hits the ground after a hard landing. The Camera is always ahead of the player to let him see the obstacles and puzzles in time, also, it allows for micro adjustments without completely changing the perspective.

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