Out For Monsters

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Out for Monsters

May-June 2018


2D Action Shooter Platformer

✔ Companion AI
✔ 2D Character Controller
✔ 2D A* Pathfinding
✔ Observer Design Pattern
✔ Data Orientented Design

Complex Enemy AI

The enemies have complex AI behavior including a pluggable state machine and A* Pathfinding. The state machine is based on scriptable objects and can be extended and created very easily. Also, the states are a container for actions designed on the Dependency Injection Pattern. Transitions between can easily be edited and changed.


Weapons are created in a simple Scriptable Object-Oriented Design with included melee, ranged and special behaviors. There is also a very nice shop with upgrades and currency. The weapons have a very clean and simple infrastructure, which also for complex custom behaviours for weapons like a SNIPER LINE TRACER!

Props and Enviroment

The environment has a lot of walkable surfaces like shop roofs, grounds, street, containers, garbage cans. Also, most of the environment is destroyable or damageable. There are explodable cars, falling blocks, a big crane holding stuff ready to be shot! You definitely want to hit everything you see. The explosions are gorgeous!

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