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Online Pixel RPG

September 2017


Engaging 2D Online Pixel RPG
✔ Multiplayer
✔ 2D Character Controller
✔ Abilites and projectiles
✔ Scoring System & UI
✔ Synced Animation and states.

Character Controller

The player can select one of the 4 colors in the lobby and he will get the corresponding player controller. He can move horizontal and double jump. Furthermore, if he picks up the question-mark box he will get a special ability he can use for a limited amount of times.


The player get points if the collect gems or if they kill the enemies. However, the player looses points if the leaves the map or gets killed by one of the turrets. The scoreboard is updated with the player's current color, name and points. The winner will be displayed when the time runs out.

Player UI & Pick ups

Each player's health is displayed above them, also in the top right corner the player can see his health displayed in hearts. However, each pick pick up can interact with it. Healing pots and Immunity pick ups are just as useful as Speed and jump Pick ups.

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