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ISMB Informatica

May 2016

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This project was made to help with the registration and organisation of our country's Informatics Olympiad.

✔SQL knowledge and Databse arhitecture
✔Filter and sort data based on user's input
✔Exporting in Excel and PDF
✔Login System with account creating
✔Various option for both teachers and admins


☑ able to see if they were registered by their teacher, where they were assigned and what their results are, as well as other students.
They don't need an account, they can do it just by visiting the site and selecting the category and set the filters they want.


☑ can log in and enter their students. They have a special page for both entering and editing their students.
☑ can change their student's info or remove them if they've made a mistake and submit them directly to the list.
☑ export their own students to Excel or PDF.


Admins have their own accounts and pages.
☑ has all the teachers pages so they can submite their own students without having to create a teacher account for them.
☑ create accounts for teachers as well as edit or remove them. They have a settings tab where they can start/stop the teachers from registering students, allows some teachers to enter results.
☑ also assign students different IDs and assign them differente centres where the contest will take place for each one individually.
☑ export the database to both Excel and pdf for both all students or just their own.

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