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Crazy Kitchen Cat

January 2017

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Speed Video
In this project I used multiple techniques I've learned to deliver the best system I could:

✔Using the new Unity animation system.

✔Setting up the Unity Nav Mesh for more productivity in creating levels.

✔Serialization for data persistence between uses. Specific for level unlocks.

✔Intergration of Unity ads.


Dynamic Nav Mesh Links

The background of the idea was to create a jumping game where the offMesh links are created dynamically. This was it would be easier for the level designer to set up new levels. He could just place the chiars in the scene and the links would be created at the start of the game using Raycasting. Futhermore, if no chiar is detected, the Nav Mesh agent sets up a link with the floor in case the player swipes in a bad direction and needs to fall of the chiar.

Cat and objects

The cat uses simple triggered base actions for picking up items and for getting hit.
The objects work in a complete random way with parameters set up in the inspect. This way, the level designer could change the speed, force and timing at which the objects spawn.

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