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Battle Tank

July 2017



First Unreal C++ project
✔ Xbox Controller Support
✔ Ammo system
✔ AI + Path finding override
✔ C++ Unreal classes extension

Particule System

The projectiles are spawnned with a smoke particule with a shockwave leaving a trail behinde. On Impact the projectile explodes dealing AOE Damage and impacting the tanks hit, creating some fire particules where they hit.

C++ Blueprints

All the events and parameters of the tank are exposed to blueprints. The events using delegates and Brodcasting and the variabiles with Defaults for multiple instances and with normal Edit for a single one.

Driving & Aiming

The Tank is provided with 2 switchable Cameras. The player cand aim at any point in the world and the barrel will slowly move towards the desired angle to aim perfectly at the given location. The Cross hair will turn green when the aim is locked, orange when focusing, red when reloading and grey when out of ammo.

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