Unity3D programmer @ Superhippo

✘Front-end Developer

✘Mobile & browser games

✘Complex UI

✘Integrating art

✘Bringing GDDs to live

✘Send & receive data from Backend


High School:

Colegiul National Ion Luca Caragiale Bucuresti (2014 - 2018)

C# Developers: Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code (Udemy)

Unity 5 Lighting Fundamentals

The Complete Unity Developer

Complete Guide for Custom Inspectors & Windows in Unity

Saving and Loading Game Data in Unity3D

Relevant Experience
Take a look at my portofolio


Other accomplishments

Developed an web application wtih my friend for managing registration and results for our Informatics Olympiad. It is now used by every teacher in our capital city to register their students for the contest.

Want to know more?

My work can give you a better impression, because i truly belive it speaks for me.